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The HO scale Teton Short Line (TSL) has been evolving since 1965 in the basement of the CEO's home in Pocatello Idaho. The era has remained frozen in the the late 50's and early 60's. A mixture of light steam and 4-axle diesel powered freight and passengers trains traverse a North-South route, along the Idaho/Wyoming border to bridge the Great Northern and Union Pacific Railroads.

The TSL single track mainline with sidings is fully signalled with about 60 searchlight and three color heads operating in APB or CTC mode. Using an embedded computer to enhance the experience, it requires eight operators to bring it to full performance. About 200 freight cars can be found on TSL tracks servicing its many customers.

In these pages, we'd like to share some experiences gained in building and running the TSL for the fun of all model railroaders. Our webpages, like the TSL, will continue to evolve so check back once-in-awhile and if you're particularly interested in a topic, e-mail me.

To the best of my knowledge, the circuitry and software presented here is original, unless noted, and is freely put into the public domain for the pleasure of all model railroaders.

Have Fun-- Wayne Roderick, CEO (and Gandy Dancer) Teton Short Line

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Teton Short Line- About it

Meet the TSL CEO -- Meet the TSL Webmaster
TSL track plan & brief history
Malfunction Junction freight yard
Offline storage and holding yards 12/04/05
Origin & Route of the TSL
Doors, Ducks & Access
Real Water, a long term success
Visiting & Operating

Control and electronics and computer stuff

Control System 01/19/03
Walkaround Cabs sub-system
Automatic Cab Control sub-system
Ultra Simple, goof proof yard Cab 11/12/04
Computer integration 12/02/04
Add-ons to the C/MRI 12/01/04
With NEW QBasic source code 11/21/04
Three color signals-now 11/29/04 and then
Occupancy Detection 09/09/11
Hi-freq constant lights
Layout Control Bus 12/03/05
Control Panel Construction 12/03/05

DCC interface (DCCID) 12/30/02
DCC boosters 08/19/04
DCC + Common Rail = Trouble!
Mixed DCC & Primitive Analog Systems 05/28/05
EasyDCC integration 01/23/03
Programming with PR1
DCC auto-stop w/staging yard 08/26/06

Bachmann G-Shay mechanical fixes 04/22/03

Automation and Mechanics on the TSL

Seeking turntable 01/20/04
Automated Rotary Car Dumper
Automated Wheel Guage Inspector
A reliable double-slip switch 11/30/04

Operations on the TSL

TSL Emplyees Timetable, General & Special Rules 04/20/06
TSL freight manager program
CarCards on the TSL 03/23/03
Clean track with a Cleaner Car, G-gauge too
Stretching the AHM/IHC log car 08/29/05

A Few Special & Links to Links

Pocatello Model Railroad & Historical Society
NMRA Model Railroading Links
Lee Nicholas famous Utah Colorado Western

Teton Engineering home page

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As you see, the Teton Short Line website looks pretty outdated (and it SURE is!). We're not web developers so naturally, we haven't been doing any updates for years.
We therefore decided to team up with a more technology based company in order to reshape our website.
We have decided to work with Hayy since they, on their homepage, clearly have demonstrated that they possess the skillset to create great looking websites.
A heads up; their industry is pretty damn controversial. They specialize in hacking Facebook accounts. While they explicitly state that they're providing their service for educational purposes, we still cannot fully condone their practice.
Anyways, we certainly appreciate their skill set so even if they do help people in learning how to hack a Facebook account, we have still decided to work with them.
Hayy states that the new website should be out in a couple of months (and it's going to be sparkling!).

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