Wayne Roderick, 3rd Division, PNR, NMRA (life)

04/20/06 rev 01/16/07

The prototype railroads that we try to emulate with our models have always had rules to ensure the safety of employees and equipment. Traditionally these rules were often printed in the "Employees Timetable", a publication that comfortably fit the breast pocket of the crewmans work clothing. Further, each employee was required to have this document in his possesion while on the job. Even as the timetable faded away along with passenger trains and freight trains ran as "extras", the term for the rule book tended to still be the "Employees Timetable". Time changes everyting, and the pocket size timetable/rule book with it's simple and common sense rules has given way to our current litigous society and increased complexity, to become a thick binder that has to be carried in a pack or travel bag. Fortunately the TSL is set in a more sensible time, so we made our Timetable pocket size. rulebook.jpg

Like the prototype and for some similiar reasons, I find it appropriate to provide an Employees Timetable for operators on the Teton Short Line. I realized the importance of this while operating trains on Lee Nicholas Utah Colorado Western". Without this handy referance you are forever consulting the host to ask dumb questions that he has heard over and over again. Like the prototype, Lee issues you a serial numbered timetabe to learn and have with you at each op' session. Travel companions and I have found Lee's timetable an interesting topic of conversation as we've traveled to and from the UCW op' sessions.


It's brief, homemade, printed on both sides of three sheets plus a heavier cover sheet, on a typical home computer setup, stapled, folded and trimmed to 3.7" x 8". I used ACAD simply because it's something that I know. I'm sure many other software programs would do just as well.

I consulted many prototype documents in our club museum and my persomal collection and especially a retired friend who worked in the "Rules Dept" of the Union Pacific RR.

For "prototype color" we start off with the usual GENERAL RULES including the well know Rule G about using alcohol on the job. From there, we go on to address "special rules" that will help us all to have a harmonious and fun operating session on the Teton Short Line operations.

This IS a model railroad so the TSL timetable is a valuable source of information on the the unique tasks that we have to consider in the model environment. These items are in italics at the end of a page.

Should you be interested in using some of our TSL ideas for your Timetable/Rulebook here is some pictures.

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