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A Tracking Solar Concentrator
for the home experimenter

It's been about twenty years since the USA experienced the big energy crunch and the resulting flurry of alternate energy schemes. Sadly, interest in solar, wind and other sources quickly faded as Americans came to suspect that the crunch was more created than real, and abundant petroleum was again available, but at greatly increased prices. Teton Engineering Inc developed a 20,000 Btu (6000 watt) solar concentrator designed specifically for the backyard mechanic to build using simple construction and basic materials. The design was marketed all around the world while interest was high, but eventually that interest faded away. We continue to receive requests for the manual but it has been withdrawn from the market long ago due to the ever increasing litigious atmosphere in the USA. Searching the internet, we find very little information to help the non professional or hobbyist solar energy experimenter so have decided to contribute the successful design to the public domain without an obligation to provide support or expect compensation. This information is offered for historical interest.


Working with solar concentrators is VERY DANGEROUS.

  1. Statements, opinions, and information contained in this historical manual are from a very different litigious era and in all cases shall be superceded by this disclaimer.
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I am retired so I'm not available for consulatation, but I'd enjoy hearing from anyone that finds this historical information useful.
Wayne Roderick

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