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01/27/00 rev 11/05/07

The Teton Short Line has welcomed visitors during our operating season since 1971 when the local newspaper published a full page spread on us. We were overwhelmed with requests to visit and this led to the establishment of a Thursday night open house and some reasonable restrictions to reduce the impact on family and the sanctity of home. The open house policy for the general public was terminated with the success of the Pocatello Model Railroad and Historical Society which provided a better place for the public to see HO model railroading.

WHEN: The Teton Short Line will host operating sessions for fellow model railroaders at nominal two week intervels, Thursday evening 7-10 starting with the first cold blustery Thursday in October, or the last Thursday if the weather stays balmy, until the first warm and pleasant Thursday in May when it's just too nice to go in.

If you are not a "regular" please call or e-mail before coming far, because the schedule is subject to change for all sorts of reasons.

To visit on other Thursday eve's, please call.

Special arrangements may be made for traveling hobbyists- please call

WHO: Please remember- this is a private home. We enjoy the companionship of model railroaders but are not in the business of entertaining the general public. Serious minded teens are welcome but we cannot accomodate youngsters or groups. They will see much more at Pocatello Model Railroad and Historical Society

WHERE: Pocatello Idaho, USA- call for specifics 208-237-0962, email graphic


I have been cautioned that publication of this information on the web opens us to the nefarious type of folks. Please be cautioned- I have a reputation around these parts for interesting and unique gadgetry as should be very evident when reading these pages. Attempts to gain improper access to our home or the TSL could result in serious injury or death.

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