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Wayne and Carolyn Roderick

The good looking one is my wife, Carolyn, AKA Buddy among her deep South kinfolk. I, Wayne, am an engineer with no artistic ability. Computers and the drafting program, AUTOCAD were my salvation- finally, I could draw a straight line.
I passed all those "you might be an engineer if--"tests that were found posted on academia walls and now clutter the Internet, and some other exams that the State insisted on, so they granted me a professional license- Electrical, Idaho #4721
Being a true believer in the KISS principle, I read the primer on HTML pages and quit there, making our web pages simple and fast loading. Enjoy.
I used to do real productive things with the FAA, those folks that try to keep airplanes flying without running into each other and the earth, but now I do real productive things with model trains. Once in a while, I still dabble in the business of landing airplanes and other engineering feats to make ends meet. Our backyard

My resume reads "Don't call me, I'll call you".

Don't envy the retired person, just work hard and pay your SS. I'll trade retirement for youth anyday!

It's a great time in history, but I was born just a little too early (1935). I love the hi-tech world and still enjoy learning how it works. I observe some consistency however. Kids are still kids, people are mostly good and politicians tend to become corrupt.
In Grade School, my hero was the inventor Thomas A. Edison. My heros and inspiration for the past umpteen years are such visionaries as Arthur C. Clarke and in the very practical world, application engineers like Steve Ciarcia.

In High School (Wyoming,1953), I was a nerd, obviously destined to failure. Skipped all the ball games and played in the lab. Loved electronics, girls, electronics, cars and electronics. Still do.

Being a nerd didn't keep me from marrying the finest girl, (Carolyn) a man could ask for. She's a Southern belle from the backwoods of the deep South and has stayed with me since 1955. She provides balance to the marriage, being a sports fan and homemaker while I work on worldly technical problems. She seems content to stay for the duration. Two beautiful and successful kids Randy, a Marketing Exec and Dina Jo, a Bio-Chemist, and four beautiful, flawless granddaughters. Mountain
We live in Idaho, a vacation state. In the summers, we enjoy its outdoor beauty, but we must warn you: Don't be fooled by the tourist bureau- We have skunks, rattlesnakes, griz' bears, hobo spiders and now wolves- You cramp and drown quickly in those icy mountain lakes. It's plain dangerous! Don't move here and if you come to visit, bring money, but stay on the pavement and stay close to your car. Carolyn and I with several other grandparent couples have learned to survive the hazards, so we chase around the mountains on Honda 110 trail bikes and we're dangerous too.
In the cooler times, from the first nasty Thursday in October 'til the first pretty Thursday in May, I play with model railroading, electronics and computers while my wife Carolyn, keeps close tabs on the kids, household, finances, myself and all the ball players and their games. Together we have synergy that can usually whip the USA Today crossword puzzle VBG
We love(d) to square dance. Our good friends Conn & Vera Jean Housley (they call it- we dance it) helped wear out our knees over more than 20 years of it. Got all four of them replaced- Our ortho' says we are his first four-by-four. Works great and sets off the metal detectors at the airport and courthouse.

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